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Dr Hijab in meeting with the Syrian community in America: Those who think that we will restore legitimacy to Assad after he lost it, are dead wrong – Dr Riad Hijab's Official Website
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A delegation from the High Negotiations Committee (HNC), headed by the General Coordinator, Dr Riad Hijab, met with the Syrian community in America on Friday 22 September 2017, on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, in New York.

Dr Hijab stressed that the HNC will not relinquish the rights of the Syrian people and their just demands of freedom and dignity and the overthrow of the Assad regime, saying: “We do not have the right to waive the demands of our people, given their great sacrifices … We are open to discuss everything that would alleviate the suffering of the Syrians without giving up our principles”.

He emphasized: “Bashar Assad and his clique cannot be accepted as part of the solution in Syria, given that they they are the crux of the problems of the country, and their exit from power represents the main demand of our people that are rejecting the continuation of the oppressive state and totalitarian dictatorship. Those who think that we will agree to give Bashar legitimacy after he lost it, are dead wrong.”

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Hijab pointed out that the HNC is faced with persistent attempts by the regime and its allies to challenge its credibility and question its authority; pointing to the efforts of those bodies to create groups that describe themselves as an opposition, but in fact, they are part of the same regime and belong to its intelligence institutions, asserting that these forces are working on “the establishment of hybrid groups calling for the legitimacy of the regime and challenging the basic principles of the opposition, while demanding the acquisition of seats and advanced quotas, along with unrealistic representation in the Astana & Geneva negotiations”.