Date : 22 September 2017

A delegation of the HNC, headed by the General Coordinator, Dr. Riad Hijab, met with the Danish Foreign Minister, Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, in New York on Thursday 21 September 2017.

The two sides discussed the latest developments in Syria. Dr. Hijab said that “the impunity of the perpetrators who committed crimes against the Syrian people, contradicts the demands of the Syrians to achieve a democratic and stable regime that seeks justice, freedom and equality”. Adding that “Ignoring these crimes and empowering the perpetrators as rulers and legitimizing their violations, is in itself one of the greatest crimes committed by humanity, since the end of the Second World War, against a people who suffered the most terrible crimes of displacement, torture and mass murder.”

Dr. Hijab warned that some consider the issue of keeping Bashar al-Assad in power is a mere secondary issue related to transitional arrangements, stressing that “the foundations of alternative rule demanded by the Syrians are drawn at this crucial stage, foremost of which is the establishment of democratic rule that enjoys legitimacy, the elimination of cross-borders sectarian militias, the restoration of sovereignty and the national decision that Bashar Assad entrusted to the Iranians.”

The meeting comes during a visit by a delegation from the HNC, headed by Dr. Riad Hijab to New York City on the sidelines of the current UN General Assembly meeting.