Date : 20 September 2017

Dr. Riad Hijab, the General Coordinator of the High Negotiation Committee (HNC), with accompanying members of the committee, met with the Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström on Wednesday 20 September 2017, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, where they talked about the latest developments in the Syrian arena.

During the meeting, Dr. Hijab stressed the need for the international community to adopt a clear strategy for the process of political transition in order to prevent a rogue state with expansionist ambitions from dominating the negotiating process, and also to end the slackness towards the crimes that have been committed – and still are being committed – by this state against the Syrian people.
He added that the international community’s slackness towards the implementation of UN resolutions and allowing Iran and its sectarian militias to continue their violations against the Syrian people is threatening the security of the entire region, pointing to the need to distinguish between the areas of de-escalation, which are monitored and supervised by external forces on one hand and the false claims of the regime about regaining control of the ground on the other hand, as everyone knows that Bashar Al-Assad is not in control of making decisions on the ground and he does not control anything, but his allied expansionist forces take his survival as an excuse to achieve their expansionist agendas in the region.

Dr. Hijab also warned of the dangers behind the attempts of some parties to threaten the unity of Syrian territory and take advantage of the political crisis and some sources of external support to pass their agendas of division or separatist projects, stressing that these actions will lead to the flow of the crisis across the borders and threaten the security of the whole region.